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Properly’s remote Listing Management service offers short-term rental owners around the world peace of mind through 24-hour guest support, housekeeping management, and inspection, as well as expert guidance. Earn more income, and maintain full control over your home wherever you are.

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Properly does the work, you reap the benefits.

We’ll give you peace of mind with best-practice processes, at incredibly accessible rates, so that most of your rental income goes directly into your pocket.

Turnover Management
Turnover Management

We schedule turnover jobs and train your service providers with additional skills to ensure your property gets the best care so you can earn more 5-star reviews.

Remote Inspection
Remote Inspection

We’ll make sure your service provider arrives on time, and we’ll remain on standby during ongoing turnover jobs to ensure that everything runs smoothly and your home is ready for guests.

Best Practice Checklists
Best Practice Checklists

We were the first to create digital visual checklists so that we can customize our services to any home, as well as train service providers to excel.

24-Hour Guest Support
24-Hour Guest Support

We’ll give you full control over who rents your home and when. Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll take over your guest communication, including queries, arrivals, and internal issues.

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

You, your property, and your guests will be safe with our risk assessment checklists and experience working with the top-three listing platforms and global hotel chains.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance

We will include a thorough preventive maintenance assessment on your home, and manage the execution using your service provider, or match you with outside help.

Your Professional Hosting Partner

Properly is your one-stop shop for easy hosting and hassle-free property management. Our years of experience helped us automate key processes that allow us to operate on a global scale.

Ongoing Skills Training

We regularly update our best practices, and train your trusted service provider to stay at the top of their game.

Turnover Management

We book and dispatch your service provider, find a replacement if needed, and train them with best practice checklists.

Ongoing Maintenance

We schedule preventive maintenance plans and equip your service provider to spot issues to keep your home in mint condition.

Remote Management

We offer remote management services to ensure nothing gets missed during a job and deliver solutions for unforeseen problems.

Extensive Reporting

We provide you with regular analysis and remote inspection reports, as well as quarterly revenue reports for complete transparency.

Proprietary Tech Platform

We tested our platform on millions of jobs and proved it right by partnering with industry-leading brands.

More Bookings

Get your second home to reach the highest standards and receive more booking requests

Higher Ratings

Our real-time
inspections help your
cleaner spot
oversights so that you can get higher ratings

Less Risks

Prevent, spot, and fix
maintenance issues
to keep costs low and
your property in top

Pioneers in digital checklists for short term rentals, with experience from millions of jobs

Millions of jobs

1700 000

Created on our platform


Get Matched with a ProperHost

  • You will be matched with one of our ProperHosts, an expert, seasoned host who will support you along your hosting journey

  • The ProperHost will be your point of reference, answering any questions you may have and providing guidance when in doubt
  • Properly will care of the day-to-day work, including housekeeping management and 24/7 guest support

Properly Sets the Standards

With Properly’s Listing and Property Management Services, YOU are in the driver’s seat as you are in control of your own property: you decide how much or how little you rent your property, and who cleans it. We work closely with you at all times.

Properly’s Listing and Property Management services are offered at disruptively low fees, so you won’t need to chase every booking. This way, you can free up more time, while having your property managed to the highest standards.

Let us send you a full proposal on how we can help you manage your property and your listing, making your life less stressful and your property more productive.


Check out some of the most frequent questions below for more details on letting Properly manage your home and help with optimizing your listing.

How will you manage my property without being on-site?

We operate on a global scale and manage thousands of properties using technology. We use automation to implement our processes and all our services are remote. With our state-of-the-art technology, we’ve had over two million turnover jobs sent across our platform and successfully reviewed over 80,000 digital listings.

What if I don’t have a cleaner for my property?

We can help you find a service provider in your area that has been previously hired by other local hosts. We’ll also train them using the courses on our app, and we’ll schedule and oversee jobs.

How will I know who rents my property?

You have control over who your guests are, and when you’d like to host them. You’ll also have full flexibility on your bookings and be able to decide when you want to use your second home for yourself.

Can I choose my house rules?

Your house. Your rules. Pets, amenities, events… you’ll have full control over what happens in your home and we’ll help you minimize the risk.

What is a ProperHost?

Properly has built a network of experienced hosts that are subject to a strict screening process. ProperHosts are experts who know a thing or two about renting a second home, as they have been doing it for years. Once you have signed up, you will be matched with one of them, and they will be your point of reference throughout your hosting journey.

Who cleans my property?

You choose your trusted service provider. We’ll help them grow their skills, to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. We’ll also monitor all turnovers with real-time support from our experienced Remote Inspection Team.

Which platform should I list my property on?

One platform combined with returning guests is all you need for peace of mind and simplicity. We’ll assist you to optimize your listing on a platform of your choice.

How do I set up an account?

Start by filling in your details and one of our experts will send you a proposal. You will then be able to sign the contract and we’ll get you started.

Onboarding Fee
$ 179 / per listing

Launch discount*

  • 10% ongoing management fee
  • *requires six months minimum term
(Add-on) Listing Setup Fee
$ 179 / per listing


  • Get Your Listing Setup By An Expert Host
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(Add-On) Dynamic Pricing
+ 1.5% / per listing


  • In the ever-changing market of short-term rentals, setting the right price for your property can be a challenge. That's where our Dynamic Pricing service comes in. We use real-time market data to adjust your prices, ensuring you always get the best possible rate for your property. This service is designed to optimize your rental income and keep your property competitive. Whether it's a peak tourist season or a quiet off-peak period, our Dynamic Pricing service will help you maximize your earnings. Remember, this is an add-on service and comes with an additional fee of 1.5%. But considering the potential increase in your rental income, it's an investment that can pay for itself. Interested in adding Dynamic Pricing to your property management plan? Request your complete proposal and get started today.

Our Remote Listing and Property Management Service includes:

  • 24/7 guest communication
  • Key processes using best practice checklists
  • Creation of a preventive maintenance schedule
  • Training, scheduling, dispatch, inspection and support of your service provider
  • Owner app for real-time insights into your property
  • Quarterly and annual reporting
  • Dynamic Pricing Add-On (Additional 1.5% fee)

Request your complete proposal and get started today.

Listing Management – Proposal

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