Detect Guest Damage and Fix It With Properly’s Real-Time Inspection

Your cleaners have a job to do, so looking for problems in hidden places might fall through the cracks. Our trained inspectors know where to look, and will work with your service provider to make sure damage is found, reported, and claimed correctly, before it’s too late. This is what Properly’s Real-Time Inspection service can do for you and your properties. Sign up today or schedule a demo call to see for yourself!

Reduce Cleaning & Maintenance Errors by 80%

Missing things is human, particularly when you are in a rush. With a second set of eyes, our best-practice checklists, expert inspectors trained on thousands of jobs, and custom technology, we typically reduce  errors by 80%. Mistakes are costly as they cause additional expenses, poor reviews, or even cancellations.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining items before they fail ensures you avoid big bills later, or worse, having to cancel a stay or refund a guest. We partner up with your service provider to ensure items are regularly checked and maintained – whether that’s changing batteries in a smart lock, defrosting a freezer, changing a filter, or cleaning a garbage disposal.

Mistakes are costly - Let the Numbers Speak

Preventing common mistakes has a stunning return on investment, and most of the return benefits the property manager directly. On the other hand, the (low) costs of inspections can be passed on to guests, as part of the cleaning fee.  We are assuming a typical vacation rental property with a $300 ADR, 60% annual occupancy,  an expected lifetime of 8.3 years, and a 45% take rate for the Property Manager.  A one-star review due to an error typically reduces a property’s bookings by 20% for the next 6 months – at a cost of almost $3,000 for the Property Manager (and more for the owner). Not only is this 500 times the cost of a Real-Time Inspection, but it also creates a risk of owner churn.

For a typical urban stay of 4.5 days,  this property would generate $1,500, and $2,000 for a typical vacation rental stay of 7 days. A cancellation or refund due to missed errors would cost 300 to 420 times the cost of a Real-Time Inspection and causes an awkward conversation with the owner, which can cause churn.

Lastly, a typical claim for guest damage is $500. This is 100 times the cost of a Real-time Inspection.  If such a claim is missed or fails because the guest damage was undetected, or detected too late, it triggers another awkward conversation with the owner – and owners are known to react emotionally to damage to their property.

If the owner churns for a preventable reason,  it costs the property manager up to $246,375 (8.3 years of revenue), which is 50,000 times the cost of a Real-Time Inspection

With Properly’s Real-Time Inspection,  a Property Manager can drastically reduce the risk of owner churn by avoiding preventable mistakes. In addition, avoiding these costly mistakes directly pays for itself many times over for both Property Manager and owner.

Instant, Easy Setup With Properly Real-Time Inspections so you can start saving money right away!

Properly’s Real-Time Inspections have been designed to minimize the work you have to do to get started - we do almost all of the work. If you’re not a Properly user yet, sign up by using the form below and our team of experts will set up your account for you.

Account Setup

We create your Properly account using your provided email address.

Listing Connection

We connect your properties’ listings to your Properly account and import your bookings.

Cleaner Invitation

We invite your service provider(s) to the Properly app. We’ll take care of onboarding and training them!

Checklist Building

We build your cleaning checklist from our best practice Checklist Library and customize it to the property.

Job Report

We’ll provide you with a job report after every Real-Time Inspection is performed so you can stay informed.

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What’s included in the inspection:

  • Remote turnover inspection in real-time
  • Service provider support and training
  • Direct in-app chat feature
  • Instant, live feedback
  • Photo verification
  • Problems (if any) reported to owner
  • Job report

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