A Vacation Rental Listing That Shines

Does your vacation rental listing blend into the background? Stand out from the crowd with Properly’s expert guidance! We’ve reviewed over 80,000 listings worldwide, so we know how to help hosts attract new guests and land more bookings.

  • Professional Listing Setup

  • Now $179

Schedule a Listing Setup

Schedule a Listing Setup call with an expert host. We work with you to build a stand-out listing that grabs guests’ attention.

How Properly Takes Your Vacation Rental Listing to the Next Level

Research Your Listing

We get to know your property inside out, from your amenities to your policies and pricing.

Set Up Your Listing

We set up your listing on your platform of choice (with your help, of course!)

Optimize Your Listing

We combine local data with our vacation rental expertise to ensure every part of your listing follows the industry’s best practices.

Go Live

Once you’ve reviewed and approved your shiny new listing, it’s time to go live and let the bookings roll in!

Service Description
Photography Assessment Property photos can make or break a listing. We assess your existing pics and recommend fixes, re-takes, or new shots to make your listing pop.
Content Overhaul Our copywriters craft engaging property titles and descriptions that transform your listing from bland to “Booked!”
Pricing Analysis Pricing is the trickiest part of listing set-ups for most owners. We review local market data then offer evidence-based pricing recommendations.
Policy Updates We recommend specific policies –from flexible cancellation to allowing pets–that can attract more guests to your property. We also suggest ways to responsibly implement and manage those policies.
Final Review Together, we review your key listing components to ensure you approve of everything. Remember, you control your listing and always have the final say.

The Perfect Vacation Rental Listing For You


Get Your Listing Setup By An Expert Host

  • Purchase a complete setup of your vacation rental listing and get a free call with the expert host assigned to your listing

  • Be involved: give us your input and share important information about what you want for your listing

  • We’ll use your information and our knowledge of the market build the perfect listing for your vacation home

  • Start attracting new guests and getting more bookings with your new listing

Listing Setup Fee
$ 179 only

What’s Included in Your Listing Setup:

  • High-quality, professional photography recommendations, plus review and feedback on existing photos
  • Custom pricing for peak and low seasons, as well as weekend and weekday discounts
  • Policy recommendations, minimum stays, house rules
  • Professionally written property description and amenities
  • Final review of your listing done together before it goes live: you have the final say